In Loving Memory of
Natalie Rodgers

Everyday that passes, I still can't believe. Your smiling face again, I will again never see. Crazy as can be, that how I remember you. Smiling and laughing, my thoughts make me blue. For now I know, from this day and on, you my friend are up and gone. So many you left behind that truly miss you, so many people with a friendship oh so true. I know we weren't as close as could be, but I remember the days when we used to be. Always chillin at your house almost every night, acting crazy and trying to avoid the fights. I'm sorry for all the sh*t that you went through, I'm sorry your gone and I can't see you! But then I remember that your out there, watching all of us and i know that you care. So please guide me in whatever I do, and know that I will never forget you!

Love always, crazy me!



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