In Loving Memory of
Freddie Furkart

This is for my very dear friend Freddie. I miss you so much!I wish you could be here. You went too soon. But they say "Only the good die young". I sit here and think about you all the time. Sometimes I feel like I am going to walk to the corner and your going to be there. I'll see you when I get there. This is a poem that I wrote a little while after you died! Oh Freddie,Oh Freddie! Oh Freddie,oh Freddie I love you so,it hurt so much to see you go! We laughed and sometimes cried! We had a lot of O3P pride! We sat at the korner of O3P laughing and singing that's how it used to be! We used to play truth or dare but, now I don't think I could ever touch a beer! We used to share with everything we had but, now I guess I will be just so sad! I'll c-ya when I get there but, hopefully not soon! I love you and miss you! Love you alwayz & Forever Megan Jane Richardson *1998* O3P 4-LIFE

Megan Jane Richardson O3P PRIDE! O3P will never forget Love you!XOXO you and we will always love you and miss you!



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