In Loving Memory of
Matt Dixon

Matt, nearly 8 years on but it seems like 8 seconds ago. Your memory is as vivid as ever and the love we all have for you still burns bright and strong. You were only 18 years old but fought like a man. The cancer never won the battle but you our son and brother did. (Matt fought Ewing's Sarcoma) One day we will be together because love never dies. Sleep on dear boy until that day when we shall be united in perfect love. Your sister Claire and brother-in-law Danny have a beautiful boy named Jack, he has your sapphire blue eyes and carries a little of you with him. They are expecting their second child in May - oh Matt you have missed so much since you fell asleep. We will love and cherish you our brave boy until we meet again. God bless Mattie, we love you. In memory of our Matt, born 4.3.77 went to his rest 14.8.95 loved beyond measure and 18 forever.

From his loving parents, sister Claire, brother-in-law Danny, nephew Jack Matthew.



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