In Loving Memory of
Nykarius Thomas

Nykarius Thomas, was a nice person and friendly. Did you know that he was the fastest boy at QES? He made friends anywhere he went cause of his actions around people,that"s why people liked him.He was setting good examples for the little kids at QES sometimes he would even be a role modle for us.''His personality was so brilliant that people just cherished the moments they played with him.He was a quiet boy, he never said anything unless we are outside or a teacher called on him sometimes we tripout in class. Nykarius was funny an smart. From the time I saw he was quiet , and shy looking. He had plenty of friends but,he never got lonly at school unless he was sick at school. Nykarius grew up to be a good person. He wanted to grow up to be a pro in football I belive he would have made it cause he's so fast. Did you know he was popular?He really like the color RED ,his favorite RED shirt was THAT number 32 jersey. He's in a more safer place. He doesn't have to cry no more no more pain or nothing. He's up there WALKING AROUND IN HEAVEN with our ol MIGHTY GOD. LOVING MEMERY NYKARIUS THOMAS .

Michelle Scott



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