In Loving Memory of
Dominique Guruswamy (05.April.1983 - 27.Dec.2002)

I miss you so much, little brother. So, so much. Every little thing reminds me of you. My whole life with you feels like a flash that just zoomed by. And now you are gone. Just left me with 19 years of wonderful memories. I'd give anything to hear you say 'Hey Sis,' but no one will ever say that to me again. You shared the other half of my heart. YOU were the other half of me. You will live eternally inside what is left of me, but my half is broken and I don't think I can ever mend the hole you left behind. One day, we shall meet again. I will cling to that hope. I love you. I will always love you. Rest in sweet peace, little brother. You are my all.

Your loving sister, Dhushi.



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