In Loving Memory of
Katie Rose Souza

Fly babygirl like a dove. I want you to know KATIE Rose we will always love. for all the memories we shared and for you KATIE we cared i wish i had told you each and everyday how i loved you in so many that your gone and so still here when i see a dove your face in my heart will appear i know you will always be near beause you are so dear. so have no fear and fly babygirl and god will appear he will hold you and love you just as us here so wait for us and soon we will be there and tell grandma and grandpa and all our family too that we miss them and love them and havent forgotten them too and their in our hearts remember Katie Rose the same to you. i love you baby girl with all my heart and you are a blessing ,a treasure in my heart

lots of love love always Erika and Joey Barbra and MaryAnn



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