In Loving Memory of
Kenneth Edward Welch

My favorite person was not here long. Kenneth died of lung cancer at the age of 59, a successful business man (respected by most who met him), wonderful father and family man.

He remembered being mean to me sometimes. I remembered nothing of that sort at all. He was my hero and could do nothing wrong. Oh, we argued over some the time he wanted the telephone and I grabbed it on the other end. He demanded I give it up and I did. It went right into his eye, which became blackened instantly. The worst part was having to explain his little sister gave it to him. There was also a time he was throwing darts and this five year old little sister ran between the dart board and the dart he had thrown. Did you know it makes you real dizzy when it sticks in your head?

But yes he was my hero. He taught me to read when I was four and gave me the best gift of my life. It was a Wizard of Oz record.

We helped each other financially when we could. Thank goodness we weren't both broke at the same time. He was so generous, that he even took my oldest son for a year to try and influence him positively in his life. It worked. My three children idolized him and want to be like him. They are in their thirties now and working hard towards that goal.

Kenneth Welch will be missed!

His Sister, Lana Mitchell



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