In Loving Memory of
Nic Bates

Sorrow of Nicolus Bates What to think in today's tomarrow, when the sun begins to sink and the rain still sings sorrow. When some friends rest straight six feet to the bottem, and your treasures seem bland but at least you've still got them. A moment to stop and sleep for an hour, still no time to cease for the smell of that flower. Places to run to and people to meet, never surpasses the instant a song struck its beat. What's a miracle when we've got to be on time? moneys too much to us when we can't spare a dime. I'll see you there hoping for the best, and I'll pass you up because your nothing like the rest. I wonder what the meaning is of the colour blue, please stop judging me when I don't look quite like you. Because a lovers a mistake and someone good is hard to find, don't wisper a word because there's noone alive that kind. When we think in today's tomarrow, that the sun's already sunk and the rain will always scream sorrow. There's noone else left to meet, as the people pass by on the street wait for the chance but am left with defeat. What's left with value but the price of a buck? when it comes to morals and virtues we seldom give a fuck. It's the easy way out or nothing at all, need help getting up after the littlest fall. Pop another pill to forget the pain, 'cuz its cold outside and there's little to gain. what's that stranger? where'd you say you were from? Beat it into another soldier just until he goes numb. Oh, what to think in today's tomarrow? When the sun begins to sink and the rain screams sorrow.

Never forgotten, Never the same. I will miss you until a day when i can see you again. Love, Raychel Carter



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