In Loving Memory of
Jack Hurst

A Tribute to My Friend (Jack Hurst) If it wasn’t for a friend like you, the world Would be so dark and drier; You had a way about you That was honest and sincere. One could not be lonely long Or get to feeling “down”; You had a built in sunshine That followed you around If it wasn’t for a friend like you, I think I’d have lost my faith in man; You always had a cheery word To always understand. Your actions spoke much louder Than words could ever do; And I know that I am better and I’m blessed Because of knowing you. So…today I want to tell you, And I think that you still know, How very much your friendship means ….The older that I grow. *********Rev. Richard Felts******** ***************************************** Rev. Richard Felts was Jack's Best Friend. He spoke at my brother's funeral.



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