In Loving Memory of
Christopher Anthony Wentworth

In memory of Christopher Anthony Wentworth ~Septmeber 30, 1982 to January 4, 2002~ (Died instantly from injuries sustained in a snowmobile accident) Christopher was a loving son to Arthur and Tina Wentworth and a wonderful brother to Michael. Chris was his own person; confident, strong, smart, caring, gentle and proud of his life. We were proud to be part of his life. We knew from the moment we saw Chris that we would be the best parents we could be. We wanted to give him opportunities and love that would lay a foundation so strong that no one could penetrate it. We grew (up) with Chris. We were so young yet so driven by the love we shared for each other and this miracle, our son. Seven years after Chris was born we had a second son, a brother for Chris- Michael. We were the "perfect" family. We grew emotionally, physically, and spiritually together. Our foundation was unshakeable. We spent many years around wrestling and Chris's heart beat for that sport. In our community wrestling is very big and Chris shined when he wrestled. The amount of time we dedicated to driving Chris and his brother around to tournaments on the weekend were unmistakably the most enjoyable times we spent together. We have a lot of memories imbedded in those trips. We can hear the boys asking us to turn up the music, stop at the rest stop, pull over for soda, or we would just talk, talk, talk. We counted many mile markers and played many road games- slug bug, zip (white horse game), and road bingo. Chris had such humbleness about himself. It was nothing for our strong 171-pound wrestler to win a match and come up to the bleachers and sit on his dad's lap, or hang on his dad's arm. He was unshakeable!!! Chris also played football. He was an awesome football player, #42, as we like to say. He worked hard and was very committed to everything he did on and off of the field. Chris's dedication to sports just gives an overview of the type of person he was. He had character. When he started something he saw it through. He never missed a practice. When he injured his ACL (a tendon in the knee), he still showed up for practice. He took his responsibility very serious. So did we. After Chris graduated from high school he was attending a community college just two blocks from our home. He had plans to transfer to a University the following year. We talked about his transfer plans two nights before he died. He was so ready for the next phase of his life. We were scared. This baby was going to move on, without us. This was a healthy sign. But as parents, we were already feeling the “empty nest” syndrome. We were sad, yet happy. Sad, because we loved having him around. Happy, because we had done our job and our son was socialized and felt confident enough to start his life as a young man. Boy, what a twist of events. Empty nest… what we would give to be dealing with that instead of his death. Chris was a loyal person and we were very lucky to have had him in our life. The time we spent with Chris was spent well. We made those minutes count. Some parents never, never, experience, in one life-time, the relationship we had with Chris in 19 years. Yes, our time was short.... but we made every minute count. Countless hours...spent together…forever.

Tina Wentworth



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