In Loving Memory of
Courtney Dumont

I wish I had been given one last opportunity to tell you how much I love you. It's only been a few weeks since you left us but it seems as though a lifetime has already passed. Each day brings a new realization that your laughter and smile will no longer be part of my life. You will always be my baby girl. Our bond cannot be broken. Although your struggles are over and you are now at peace, I ache to be able to hug you and tell you "I LOVE YOU".

Your daughter, Caitlin, says "Goodnight, Mommy" each night in her prayers. She misses you and cries for you when her world is upset. You are missed beyond belief. The world has truly lost a shining star. We all look towards your spirit for help in accepting God's will that this was your destiny.

20 years ago I looked into your newborn face and wished many things for you...peace, happiness, love. I wish those same things for you today.

Forever in my heart, Mom



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