In Loving Memory of
Golden "POP" Holt

You've only been gone for a little over two months and it's still hard to believe you're actually gone. I miss hearing your voice. It's hard on all of us, especially mom. I still fear that I didn't do a good job as the hours of your death approached. I pray that I did and hope you were not in any pain. As stupid as this sounds, I miss the frequent doctor trips. I like to think of that as "our" time together. I just hope and pray that the day the lord calls me home that you will be there to welcome me over.

Taylor(Stinky Pooh) speaks of you often and we'll make sure she never forgets you. I hope you knew that you were more than my stepfather, you truly were my father. You gave my family so much love and security. To that, I am truly grateful. I'll miss you for the rest of my life.

With all my love, Stephanie



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