In Loving Memory of
Ronald & Bonnie Sandvik

Dad, you survived colon cancer for several years then it spread to your liver it only took two years later when you passed on July 3 2002. You taught me everything I know today, thank you for your humour and knowledge, for I have a great job and a brand new car because you beleived in me always. I was your little girl with big blue eyes and beautiful blond hair just like in mom's dream she had before I was born. Just to let you know Mom came here for Thanksgiving, returned home Friday and then had a sudden heart attack the following Monday, while she was at work. The caregiver called 911. They found her unconscience. She was taken to Mayo Hospital, the best, in Scottsdale where they did an angiogram and they found her heart was in grave danger. Surgery was Friday Dec 13th.Tim and I were there that morning, there were many complications though she made it through she passed Monday the 16th. It was a suprise to us but we all know you are together and happy in a place without suffering or despair. Mom I love you and I am so sorry I couldn't help you with your heart. You know I would try my hardest to save dad and you, the Lord needed you and I beleive that. Your memories are with me everyday and night. You are missed so deeply by family and friends, both your memorial pictures are on my desk at work along with others from the past. Tim is doing okay, but was shaken terribly by both losses, they moved into your house and Lana was very torn up and wishes she could of visited you the morning before the operation. She was there for dad and you. We all love you always and forever. Timothy James/Deborah Lynn.

Love from your son Tim and daughter Debbie You will live in our hearts and memories forever!!!



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