In Loving Memory of
April Athertone

How come I miss you so much when I didn't know you very well? You made such an impression in my life but that you will never know. I can't help but to look at the empty seat where once you use to sit. And wish that I told you all of this. How you made me laugh when I wasn't in the mood to. No matter what the situation was I always would leave smiling. But now I'm here with others, left here to cry because it's not fair that someone like you had to die. Thanks so much for all that you did in your short lived life. You touched so many people's hearts, more than you will ever know. I end this with sweet dreams and may you rest in peace, for you will never be forgotten. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone so tell the ones here that you care. But at least I'm proud to say I knew you and loved you..and I we will always care.

Love Everyone Whom knew you. We miss and love you so much!



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