In Loving Memory of
Barbara Diggs

Mom, Thank you for loving me so completely. Thank you for giving me such confidence. Thank you for teaching me morals. Thank you for teaching me kindness. Thank you for loving the world so unselfishly. This world is such a better place because of you. I miss you and Love you with all my heart and I will be with you again in heaven and we can laugh together and hug and kiss and catch up on all the things we have been missing. My heart will always long for you. I have missed you from the moment you left this earth and there is not a day that has gone by that I have not thought of you and your wonderful smile. I think of you everytime I hold my daughters hands as she has your beautiful long fingers. I miss you mom and the only thing keeping me from looking forward to coming and seeing you sooner than later is my beautiful wife Andrea and beautiful daughter Raven here to make me smile. I do think God has great things in store for me as he did you. He used you to share so much love to the lost and to the world. They say only the good die young and they are right. There is a home for us in heaven and our God rewards the faithful and brings them back to Eden to live in paradise with him. You were his faithful and he has rewarded you with eternal peace and happiness. Till we are together again Mom.

Your Loving son, Tony



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