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My Grammy, Sherry Brooks, left us on November 3rd, 2002 after fighting cancer for the past few years. All her family was there for her right up until the end. She was loved by everyone that met her. She was always very optimistic and hopeful, and taught me to be the same way. I still remain this way, because I know that's what she would have wanted. She always thought of others way before herself. When she found out she had cancer, she didn't grieve or sit around and do nothing. The first thing she did was make sure everyone else would be alright and secure if anything were to happen to her. Even in the end, her concern was never for herself, but always checking to make sure everyone else was going to be fine. She didn't even like to talk about her cancer, because she didn't want to be a burden to the rest of us. I know she loved all of us a lot. I also know that we also loved her. She was my absolute favorite person on this earth. I wish I had had more then just 12 years to know her, because you could never spend enough time with her. She was the most beautiful person I know, inside and out. She was always encouraging me to be the best I could be, and to go farther then I ever thought possible. Thinking back, I realize that I told her everything I always wanted to. I told her that she was my hero, that I loved her more than anything on this earth, and that she was the best person I know. Even thought I will always miss her with all my heart, I'm glad that I was able to tell her these things, and that I was there with her the whole time. I love you Grammy. We all love and miss you very much!

Tasia Brooks And everyone else that had the joy of ever meeting Sherry Brooks.



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