In Loving Memory of
Avis L Lawson

Dear Grandma Avis, I miss you so much!! I wish you were here with us,theres so much you have misssed,tyler growing up,boy is he getting big!! Tara&Danny's graduation. My wedding day,Tara's wedding..Shary's wedding.. And ... your a great Grandma now too..her name is Jorden,very cute..Mom got custoy of her step kids.So much has happend since Jan,22,1993... Life aint the same without you here with us...I Think of those days when I was younger,we would were like bread and butter always did things together,Going to the camp grounds were the best of times... I bought this plack for my grandma,and it read.. IF MOM SAYS NO!!! ASK GRANDMA!! it really worked tooo....i would ask mom if i could have this,this, this and this.. she would say NO way!!!! So i went to ask my grandmother... she say ok !!! i love her with all my heart&soul and all my being... she was our rock,she would give her shirt to the ones who needed it ... she was our shoulder to cry on ,,, she was a very good jokester,,, she loved tellin'them jokes... I LOVE YOU GRANDMA AND ALWAYS WILL ,,, MISS YOU ALWAYS MAY I SEE YOU AGAIN SOME DAY.. HELL ILL BUY THIS ROUND OF BEER LOVE YOU ALWAYS BOOGITY!!!(MY NICKNAME SHE GAVE ME)



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