In Loving Memory of
Samuel David Gambrall

My love Sammy April 19th will be 2 years since have left me.That unbelievble pain is still in my heart.My life seems so empty and so full of pain.I look for you in every face i see.I just want to join you i wellcome death everyday.Everybody tells me it will get easier,but can't see that happening.I lost my soulmate, my bestfriend,my little bammy,my life,my everybreath,my soul. Sammy i miss you so much i miss your smile,your touch,your stupid little laugh,your smell,your beautifull face,your passion,i miss every single inch of you.and most of all i miss your heart.Baby you were so young it'S just not right i wish it was me that day april 19 2001 12:20 pm (worst day of my life) God took my life too that horrible day.Few people have expriecend true love and those who had would not say it will get easier.i guess i should be glad i had you for 3 wonderfull short years.Sometimes i wonder if thats true.cause without you life is now hell.I ache for now and allways will. No one will ever fill that emptyness that is so deep in my heart and soul. Happy 25th birthday my love. Sammy my little sparky died 03-03-03 another piece of my of my life is gone now.Sammy take care of her for me. I LOVE YOU ALLWAYS SAMMY. MY LITTLE ANGEL . FROM ME YOUR LOVE MONA.



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