In Loving Memory of
Catherine Green

I miss your beautiful smile and your Irish wit. The days are boring and tedious without you. We had so much fun all my 31 years I knew you. I find myself looking at childhood photos of you and seeing myself in your pretty face. I want to ask you questions about who the various relatives are in the photos so I do but you can't answer. I want to call you on the phone and hear your Newfoundland accent. I want to hug you and smell your perfume and feel your warm skin. I can hear you singing those silly songs in the kitchen that I used to dread as a child and now as an adult would give anything to hear again. I want to feel your soft hands that I called "pillows" see your beautiful painted nails. The holidays will never be the same. You enjoyed tradition so much. Yes we will create new traditions but they will never feel the same as they did with you. Thank you for being such a "super mom" you always took care of me and loved me. I am so sorry that you had to get cancer. We had so many more years to experience laughter and joy together. I'm sorry we didn't get to go back to Disneyland before you had to leave. I wanted to take you so bad. I hope heaven is like Disneyland only better! I hope you are happy with your mom & dad. Keep watching over me and you can talk to me in my dreams anytime at all. I love to see you. I love you mom! We will see each other again.

All my love and gratitude to you, my marvelous mommy. Kelli



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