In Loving Memory of
The Victims.... this is an amazing poem about the was a victim must felt...

POEM; THE WAY A VICTIM MUST HAVE FELT Written by Liz Kwitman, A freshman in High School

I am part of a group called SAJV, Students Against Juvenile Violence. I wrote this poem to express how I felt as a teen watching, and hearing about the tragedy in Colorado at Columbine High School. I hope you enjoy the poem, but most importantly I hope it makes each and every person think about what they can do individually and as a group to make sure something like this wont happen again…


I hear the cries and I feel the pain the shock sinks in, I am alone....

How could this have happened to me, what did I do, why did they single me out was it just chance or was this all planned out?

Everyone is screaming there is smoke in the air, I hear firecrackers going off there is blood everywhere.

People are hiding; this is not fair, why did they hurt me,why doesn't anyone care.

They have hurt me so badly, I pleaded for them not, I was crying and screaming and that's when they shot. I hear loud blasts and there is glass on the floor, I feel like I have entered a horror movie because of all of this gore.

I say good-bye to all and apologize if I wronged you so, what else is there for me to say, all I know is that kids don't deserve to be put out this way.

I seem to have been at the wrong place at the wrong time, and I pray and wish god could just give me a sign.

I am not ok and it scares me so, soon I will be a statistic, for now it's my time to go.

I wrote this poem to express my feelings on the way a victim must have felt, to help others realize that this is a crime that must be delt.

We must stop the violence and learn to love not hate, because I don't believe this killing was due to fate.

Liz Kwitman I hope you take all i have wrote seriously please contact me with comments about my poem at [email protected]



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