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GriefNet is a fully self-supporting, non-profit, 501(c)(3) charitable organization. We are run by the bereaved, for the bereaved. We request $10/month/group for membership in our support groups. Those who donate more support those who cannot afford even this small amount.

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Donation Policy:
GriefNet is totally self-supporting, relying on donations from ourselves, the bereaved, and generous individuals who support our work. We request $10/month per group from ourselves (a charitable donation for tax purposes). Those who cannot afford to donate the requested amount are subsidized by those who generously donate more.

Income from our stores also helps support us, frequently insuring continuation of those services when contributions from individuals are inadequate. Although we have never yet made a profit, if we were to, all profits would all go back into the organization, as required by our by-laws.

We are not sponsored by a university, organization, or corporation, and no one underwrites us. We do not depend on grants or outside donations because it has been our experience over the years that potentially interested large donors were in the funeral or insurance industries and wanted to co-opt us. We do not rely on on-line advertising, and make no links to any commerical organizations or corporations. Expenses:
An online charitable organization the size of GriefNet has many behind-the-scenes expenses. They include computers, software, line access charges, computers, electricity, software,computers, phone, office supplies, computers, software, administration, accounting, and computers.

We also depend greatly on our staff of amazing volunteers, all of whom are bereaved individuals who originally came to for support during their own grieving process, and stayed on to give back. We deeply appreciate their time and dedication. If you would like to volunteer with us, please write to Cendra Lynn.